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Local auto locksmiths, please learn from Fairfax Station Locks. I'm quite pleased ! Professional time & date setting with a two hour timeframe. Really clear about estimation of service fees. Diego at the car on exactly at the agreed slot and opened the driver door in nearly 30 minutes, less than what I expected. The cost was precisely as quoted over the phone and absolutely right based on other quotes I got from locksmiths in Fairfax Station for my Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. You can quickly tell that they genuinely enjoy pleasing the customers. Super !!!! (Darius H. Fairfax Station VA)

We got locked out of my Saab 9-2X and began calling locksmiths on Yelp. They all said a minimum nine hour wait and I have already imagined myself having to sit waiting most of my day. I was transferred over to Fairfax Station Locks by another honest locksmith and boom! Diego was at my location on Village Shops Drive in just about half an hour. I was SO thankful for them - they were less pricier than the other locksmiths as well. Double win. - Hazel T., Fairfax Station VA

Leroy just came by to install a exterior door deadbolt on the back entrance and I have to admit that he was not only very kind and cheerful, but also did a quick and professional job. 10x !! (Ervin A. Fairfax Station )

Lamar just came by to rekey the ignition lock in my Nissan and I must confirm that he was not only very sociable and agreeable, but also did a very quick and decent service. 5 Stars all the way !!!! @ Craig H. Fairfax Station VA

I looked for locksmith assistance when I misplaced the 2012 Skoda Octavia keys at the Fairfax County School parking area !! Leroy was truly perfect and quoted a very acceptable price. He really makes an effort to help and it without any doubt is visible. This guy even brought me an original car key from the dealer , a thing that no other Fairfax Station locksmith offered. I would recommend Fairfax Station Locks (ask for Leroy) for any locksmith services. Bingo !!!!! @ Good H., State Rte 8325 Fairfax Station

Shortly after locking myself out of my Fairfax Station house right across Crosspointe Drive, he showed up rapidly (less than half an hour) and unlocked the door right away. The quote on the phone was honored and he even was able to charge with Square giving me security using my credit card. Thank you Fairfax Station Locks ! (Burr S., Fairfax Station )